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Advantages of Booking a Meeting at Sea
Booking a meeting at sea offers numerous benefits for businesses and groups, making it an attractive option for corporate events. Here are the advantages you can expect:
Value and Group Amenities: Planning well in advance allows groups to secure the best overall value for their meeting at sea. Cruise lines offer special group amenities such as complimentary wine or champagne, chocolates, cocktail parties, shipboard credits, casino credits, spa services, and private gatherings. Additionally, cruise lines can incorporate your company's branding throughout the event, such as creating ice sculptures of your corporate logo. Full charter options even provide the flexibility to set your own itinerary. To access these benefits, it is necessary to book the entire group through the cruise line's Group Department.
Inclusions: When booking a meeting at sea, your group will enjoy a range of inclusions, including stateroom accommodations, access to business facilities and meeting rooms, transportation to interesting ports, gourmet dining options, Vegas- or Broadway-style shows, discos, clubs, bars, pool and water sports activities, fitness centers, exercise classes, spa services, youth programs, and in-room movies. These offerings ensure that participants have a well-rounded and enjoyable experience throughout the meeting.
Business Facilities Onboard: Cruise ships provide a variety of business facilities to accommodate meetings and conferences. Large and small conference rooms with adjustable lighting, food and beverage services, high-speed internet access, digital projectors, audio systems, and showrooms for group presentations are available. Additionally, there are informal gathering venues where participants can network and collaborate in a relaxed setting.
Streamlined Planning Process: A successful meeting at sea requires the involvement of a company travel manager who designs the desired meetings and events onboard. The travel manager communicates booking details, such as the payment process, documentation requirements, and dining requests, to all participants. Moreover, a highly trained group specialist from the cruise line acts as a single point of contact, assisting with the planning and booking process. They may even create a personalized webpage for your group, offering answers to participants' questions about the cruise.
Onboard Host or Hostess: In many cases, Vacations To Go provides an experienced host or hostess to accompany your group throughout the journey. These professionals assist with logistics, including air travel and transfers to and from the pier. They also facilitate meetings and activities, such as team building exercises and group games, resolve any issues that may arise onboard, and serve as advocates for the group's needs and preferences.
Tax Savings: Meetings at sea may qualify as a deductible business expense for businesses. It is advisable to consult with a tax professional to verify the specific tax benefits that may apply to your organization.
Booking a meeting at sea combines the advantages of a well-equipped and versatile venue, inclusive amenities, streamlined planning, and potential tax savings. It provides a unique and memorable setting for corporate events, fostering engagement, productivity, and networking among participants.

Tax Savings
Businesses may be able to write off meetings at sea as a business expense. We encourage you to verify this with your tax professional.

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