Incentive Cruises

Cruises have become a highly attractive incentive and reward option for corporations to recognize and motivate their employees, particularly salespeople, due to several compelling reasons:

  • High Perceived Value: Cruises offer a perception of high value for the dollar. With accommodation, meals, entertainment, and transportation included in the package, they provide a comprehensive and all-inclusive experience. This makes them an appealing reward option compared to other incentive choices that may require additional expenses or planning.
  • Widespread Popularity: Cruises have gained widespread popularity among travelers of all ages and demographics. They offer a diverse range of activities and amenities, appealing to a broad audience. This popularity ensures that a cruise vacation is generally well-received and desired by employees, increasing its effectiveness as a motivational reward.
  • Unique and Memorable Experience: Cruises provide a unique and memorable experience for employees. Unlike traditional vacations or cash incentives, a cruise offers a distinctive combination of relaxation, adventure, and exploration. It allows employees to create lasting memories, bond with colleagues, and enjoy a well-deserved break from work.
  • Incentive for Superior Performance: Cruises can serve as a powerful incentive to drive superior performance among salespeople and employees. The allure of a cruise vacation can motivate individuals to go above and beyond their targets and goals, striving for exceptional performance. It provides a tangible and highly desirable reward that serves as a visible symbol of recognition for their achievements.
  • Team Building and Networking Opportunities: Cruises offer an excellent platform for team building and networking. By bringing employees together in a shared environment, they promote collaboration, camaraderie, and relationship building. Employees have the opportunity to interact with colleagues from different departments or regions, fostering a sense of unity and strengthening the company culture.
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief: A cruise vacation allows employees to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate. The tranquil and scenic environment of a cruise ship, combined with various onboard amenities such as spas, pools, and recreational activities, provides an ideal setting for stress relief. This can contribute to improved well-being, increased job satisfaction, and enhanced productivity upon employees' return to work.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Cruise lines often offer customization and flexibility when designing incentive packages. Companies can work closely with the cruise line to tailor the itinerary, activities, and onboard experiences to align with their specific objectives and the preferences of their employees. This ensures that the cruise incentive is well-suited to the corporate culture and individual preferences, maximizing its impact as a motivator.

Overall, cruises offer an attractive incentive and reward option for corporations due to their perceived value, widespread popularity, unique experiences, team-building opportunities, and potential for customization. They provide a tangible and memorable reward that motivates employees to excel in their performance, fostering a positive and engaged workforce.

What's Included?
On a typical cruise your incentive travelers will get:

The Planning Process
Successful incentive groups of eight or more cabins require the involvement of a company travel manager. This professional is responsible for designing the meetings and events the company desires onboard and communicating booking details like the payment process, documentation requirements, and dining requests to all participants.

With Vacations To Go, you will get a highly trained incentive group specialist who will be your single point of contact for the planning and booking process. Your group specialist will even create a personalized webpage for your group where participants can get answers to questions about the cruise.

Onboard Host or Hostess
If your group is large enough, Vacations To Go may also provide an experienced host or hostess to accompany your group. From the beginning of your trip to the end, the host will assist with logistics such as air travel and transfers to and from the pier, facilitate meetings and activities including team building and entertaining group games, resolve issues that may arise on board, and generally serve as your advocate.

Tax Savings
Businesses may be able to write off incentive cruises as a business expense. We encourage you to verify this with your tax professional.

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