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What is a Group Cruise?
A Group Cruise refers to a gathering of people who choose to travel together on a cruise ship. Cruise lines typically define a group as having a minimum of 8 double occupancy cabins, allowing friends, families, colleagues, or organizations to come together for a shared travel experience. Group cruises have become increasingly popular as they offer a range of benefits and conveniences for participants.

One of the key advantages of a group cruise is the ease and enjoyment of traveling together. Onboard a modern cruise ship, group members can dine together in a gourmet restaurant, meet in a dedicated conference room for discussions or presentations, gather by the pool for relaxation and fun, or enjoy live entertainment such as Broadway-style shows. Additionally, participants who seek some personal time can retreat to the spa, relax on a private balcony, or find solace in a comfortable alcove while trained youth counselors engage and entertain their children.

Booking a group cruise often results in the best overall value, especially when planned well in advance. Groups can take advantage of special amenities offered by the cruise line, such as complimentary wine or champagne, chocolates, cocktail parties, shipboard credits, casino credits, spa services, and private gatherings. Additionally, booking early allows the group to select the desired location of their cabins, ensuring proximity and convenience for all members. To access these group benefits, the entire group must be booked through the cruise line's dedicated Group Department.

A group cruise typically includes a range of amenities and services. Participants can expect stateroom accommodation, transportation to various ports of call, gourmet dining options, entertainment like Vegas- or Broadway-style shows, discos, clubs, and bars. The ship's facilities often include pools, water sports activities, fitness centers, exercise classes, spas, and dedicated youth programs to keep everyone entertained. Movies are available in onboard theaters as well as in-room options for further enjoyment.

The planning process for a group cruise involves the designation of a group leader who takes the responsibility of promoting the cruise to friends, family, co-workers, or employees. While the group leader handles initial promotion, the cruise line's group specialists assist with the subsequent organizational tasks. This includes communicating booking details to the participants, processing payments, gathering necessary documentation, arranging meeting spaces for group activities, and coordinating dining requests to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Overall, a group cruise provides an opportunity for people to come together and travel in a hassle-free and enjoyable manner. With various amenities, shared experiences, and the expertise of the cruise line's group specialists, group members can create lasting memories while exploring exciting destinations aboard a cruise ship. Our agents have arranged thousands of cruise groups, and we are waiting to help you with yours!

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